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Scuba Diving In Chiwla Beach, Malvan

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Scuba Diving In Malvan

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By Asha Scuba Diving & Water Sports

Asha Suba Diving in Chiwla Beach Malvan, is one of the best and cheapest scuba diving in india. Here we offer more than the lowest scuba diving packages. Now forget to book expensive scuba diving packages in goa. We explore the extensive scenic beauty and incredible underwater experience at the coastal belt of this t Tourism District - Sindhudurg, Konkan. Konkan is a rugged terrain of the western coastline of maharashtra, india. It is famous for its Pristine Beaches. So this is becoming one of the most preferred tourist destinations in india.
Located at – Malvan Chiwla Beach, Asha Scuba Diving & Water Sports Offers You:

  • Professional Instructors
  • Experienced Divers
  • Focus On Safety
  • Fast & Quality Service

If you are an Adventure Seeker, Looking for a distinct and thrill created experience, then you have hunted the right place to visit in konkan. Water sports in Chiwla Beach, Malvan is a place where the famous activity that offers you water sports packages including activities like Jet Ski, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Speed Boat & Parasailing.

Your search for malvan Asha scuba diving, An idyllic setting and trustworthy guidance end right here at Asha Scuba Diving & Water Sports. We make sure to provide high quality and matchless experience for all the tourists who head here from all over the globe. So every visitor has to get a glance at this exciting and truly mesmerizing experience of scuba diving in chiwla beach, malvan.
Join us to experience a poised and worldwide water sports and scuba diving in chiwla beach, malvan!
The sea in maharashtra offers a serene and composed environment that is a classy spread of an aquatic babylon, comprising of warm and clear sea water, some of the most amazing marine species, turtles, squids, and numerous bright and colorful corals, swirling around you.
In malvan, there are different points for scuba diving. We get clean and calm water near chiwla beach in malvan. We provide sincere service to customers and scuba divers. Our scuba diving rates in malvan is very less.

General Facilities

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Pick Up Boat

Scuba points are just 1 km away from the Beach. A fiber Boat is provided by a Scuba operator to pick up you from pick up point - Chiwla Beach(Asha Lunch Home). This pickup and dropping service is inclusive in the package.


Parking space is available on the beach or in some private properties. It is safe to park your Vehicle on the Beach even though you confirm with the operator about low tide and high tide timing. Parking on Beach is not chargeable.

Scuba Training

Before getting down in the water, An instructor gives you useful Scuba instructions on the Boat. He teaches you the breathing technique underwater. He also instructs about signs for communication underwater.

Security and Safety

Counters are provided on the Beach where you can keep your valuables safe. On pickup and dropping Boat, safety jackets are available. Each tourist is escorted with one Scuba guide compulsory. Non-swimmers are allowed at deep diving points. A person having diseases or deficiency is not allowed.

Types of Equipment

A mask with a zoom lens provides by the operator so no need to wear spects or lenses. A regulator is also provided which fits in your mouth for breathing. The regulator is connected to the Oxygen Cylinder which is be tied along with bcd to your back.

Photos and Videos

One Scuba Diver as a photographer comes with you underwater to click your photographs and shoot your videos. This service is inclusive in your package. You can copy your Photos or Videos on your Mobile Phone, Memory Card or Pen Drive.

Scuba Diving Packages

As we know, Scuba Diving in Malvan is adventurous Water sports in India. The tourists from all over India come to stay in malvan and get underwater experience by doing this activity. By considering this requirement, we offer several Scuba Diving packages for travelers.

Water Sports Packages

Parasailing, Speed Boating, jet Skiing, Banana Riding and Bumper Riding are just a few extremely popular watersports in Malvan. We are enriched and fortified with world-class equipment while we offer surreal and extensive watersports in Malvan.

Beach Stay Packages

To do all these watersports activities like Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Dolphin Ride and Local Sightseeing in Malvan, you have to stay for a minimum of 2 days. Maximum travelers are willing to book their hotels at the beachside. We are giving you this package with a beach stay in Malvan.

Dolphin Ride Packages

Tourists from all over India visit Malvan to see this nature’s amazing creature jumping from the Water. To see Dolphins, you have to hire a Boat with proper Roofing and Seating arrangements inside. We offer this service from Asha Scuba Diving & Water Sports.

Snorkeling Packages

Snorkeling is a basic underwater sports activity which can be done by 8 to 10 years old kids, old age people. Here you have to float on the sea surface just by placing your body inside the safety ring. A Snorkeling guide pulls the ring where you have to place head underwater to experience natural beauty.

Parasailing Packages

Pick up from Asha lunch home Chiwla Beach.
The boat ride from Chiwla Beach to the deep Sea.
Fastening of safety belt and jackets.
Flying for 5 to 10 minutes deeping with extra charges
Drop to Chiwla Beach for water sports activities

Sight Seeing

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  • Sindghudurg Fort
  • Bhagwantgad Fort
  • Bharatgad Fort
  • Kushe Wada
  • Rajkot Fort
  • Sarjekot Fort
  • Padmagad Fort


  • Malvan Beach
  • Devbag Beach
  • Tarkarli Beach
  • Achara Beach
  • Dandi Beach
  • Tondavali Beach


  • Bairagi Kasartaka (Chouke)
  • Ghumadai Temple (Ghumade)
  • Jay Ganesh Temple (Medhe)
  • Bharadi Temple (Aanganewadi)
  • Shri Ganesh Temple (Aadari)
  • Shri Jarimari Temple
  • Shri Rameshwar Temple
  • Shri Rameshwar Temple (Achara)
  • Shri Rameshwar Temple (Kandalgaon)
  • Shri Sai Baba Temple (Hadi)
  • Shri Sateri Temple
  • Shri Sateri Temple (Bilwas)
  • Wagheshwar Temple (Tondawali)
  • Shri Bhadrakali Temple (Revandi)
  • Shri Bramhanand Swami Samadhi (Revandi)

Tourist Spots

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Sindhudurg Fort

Located off the coast of Maharashtra, The Sindhudurg Fort is an ancient fortress occupying an islet in the Arabian Sea. This imposing construction is spread over an area of 48 acres, with its massive walls standing tall against the crashing waves of the sea. The main entrance of the fort is hidden away in such a manner that no one can identify it from the outside. The Sindhudurg Fort is a tangible example of the Maratha foresight and resourcefulness. Not only is this mighty fort a historically significant attraction, but the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape makes it a popular tourist spot. Protruding right from the midst of the mighty Arabian Sea, this fort makes up for a delightfully charming sight. Its rich historical background only adds to the experience of this place.

Built by none other than Chhatrapati Shivaji, the construction of Sindhudurg Fort utilizes the natural protection of the surrounding rocks to their advantage. With its solid walls and conspicuous gateways, this fort is a fascinating piece of history which makes it a favourite tourist spot. Perhaps one of the reasons why this magnificent fort has managed to stand the test of time would be its unique and unyielding construction style. The foundation of the mighty building was laid down in the lead, and the natural protection provided by the surrounding rocks acted as an impregnable barrier against any enemy forces. Sindhudurg Fort also has 42 bastions, which still stand tall and is surrounded by several smaller forts such as the Padmagad, Rajkot and Sarjekot Fort. A small temple dedicated to the Chhatrapati also finds a place within the bounds of the fort.

Rock Garden

The Rock garden is situated near the Arase Mahal, on the rocky shore of Malvan. It is a beautifully built garden overlooking the Chivla beach.

Jai Ganesh Mandir

Jai Ganesh Mandir was built by an astrologer and the creator of "Kalnirnay" calendar, Jayantrao Salgaonkar. The stunning shrine, painted in white and gold houses a divine idol of Lord Ganesha along with his consorts Riddhi and Siddhi. The temple is mostly visited during the festival of Ganeshotsav every year.

Swami Bramhanand Cave ozar

The Cave of Bramhanand is located at a distance of 4 km from Malvan near Malvan-Achara road in Rewandi village. This cave is situated in a forest. There is a place for meditation (Samadhi) beside the cave, which is carved in a single “Jambha” stone. The place is also called as Ozareshwar due to the presence of ‘Swayambhu Pindi’ of Lord Shiva in this cave temple. Among the trees, there is a clean water reservoir present, which remains filled with water throughout the season. The cave is named after Swami Bramhanand, who was a follower of Swami Nityanand of Vajreshwari. Swami Bramhanand arrived at this place in the year of 1941 and did meditation here for more than 36 years. His Samadhi is made outside the cave on his ‘Asthikalash’.

Chiwla Beach


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Yes, we proudly say you don’t have to be a good swimmer to do scuba diving. Scuba divers for beginners are welcome.

Do the best experience is the calmness & positivity u feel inside after the dive. Secondly obviously the corals & marine life.

The minimum age limit is 10 years and above and no maximum limit. I.E. As physically fit mentally prepared.

A person must be physically fit majorly not having cardiac/ breathing-related problems, not having any eardrum related problems, Pregnancy, heavy Asthma having Surgery. The person is recommended to get permission/ medical clearance from a doctor. Before diving, we take medical clearance by signing the rstc form.

Not any specific diet. But to avoid eating any spicy or oily stuff. Intake salad or Fruits. Please don’t consume Alcohol. Before & during dive.‘ no hangover’ person sorry!! No diving!!

How To Reach

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From Mumbai to Chiwla Beach, Malvan Beach is 500 km by road and by train.

Chiwla beach, Malvan is 400 km from Pune by road. The nearest stop is Kankavli Kasal on the highway. We can get local transport from the highway to Chiwla Beach, Malvan. Local taxi rent is rs. 2000/-

The distance from Nashik to Chiwla Beach, Malvan is 444 km by Road Driving.

The distance from Hyderabad to Chiwla Beach, Malvan is 700 km by road. Suggest coming to Belgaum or Kolhapur or Goa. Belgaum to sawantwadi & Sawantwadi to Chiwla Beach, Malvan Kolhapur to Kankavli & from Kankavli to Chiwla Beach, Malvan local transport.

If u want to skip this headache we can arrange a taxi or cab pick up from Goa.

The distance from Bangalore to Chiwla Beach, Malvan is 650 km suggest to come directly at Belgaum or Goa. pick up can be arranged from Goa.

The distance from Ahmadabad to Chiwla Beach, Malvan is 1050 km suggest to come by train, air, road nearest stops are Kankavli, Sindhudurg, Kudal

The distance from Goa to Chiwla Beach, Malvan is 110 km pick up can be arranged from Goa to Chiwla Beach, Malvan by taxi.

Nearest airport in Chiwla Beach, Malvan is Goa airport which is 130 km from Chiwla Beach, Malvan pick up or drop can be arranged to airport

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