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About Our Salon

Welcome to the Anki's Beauty Salon N Spa

Anki's Beauty Salon N Spa is situated in Rajarampuri, Kolhapur. Their menu includes advance haircuts, beauty treatments, hair treatments, bridal makeup, hair styles. There’s also Basic and advance parlor courses.

A popular choice for many, our clients range from students to Manchester’s high profile personalities. The salon has built up a solid reputation as a leading provider of hair and beauty care in the city. Our team at Anki's beauty salon N spa provides specialized and exquisite hair cutting, coloring, hair treatments, Bridal Makeup, beauty treatments. Our expert knowledge of hair and beauty has been acknowledged by a wide range of clientele that want nothing but the best high end salon experience.

Our Services

Advance Haircuts

Are you ready for a new look this season? Then feast your eyes on this sensational selection of the hottest and freshest haircuts from some of today’s most prestigious salons.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, entering into a new decade often makes women want to mix up their hair. These low-maintenance looks, inspired by celebs, will have you feeling so good that everyone will want to steal your style.

Beauty Treatments

The beauty treatments you will love are the ones that are perfectly suited to your age, your needs or concerns. Facial, hair removal, manicures and pedicures are the common beauty treatments.

Massage for the body is a popular beauty treatment, with various techniques offering benefits to the skin and for increasing mental well-being. Beauty treatments include the application of beauty products.

Hair Treatments

Dealing with damaged hair is like a never-ending battle in the quest for long, gorgeous, healthy locks. It doesn’t matter how well you treat your hair, experiencing split ends, breakage, and ultra dry strands is inevitable.

Luckily, there’s good news. Finding the right treatment for specific types of damage is actually quite simple. We have different types of hair treatments which suits to your hair.

Bridal Makeup

Wedding is that event in one's life, when the world seems colorful and filled with high hopes for the coming future. It is the stepping stone for a completely new life, which is a mystery and nobody knows what is in store for them.

So, the bride celebrates this occasion by trying to look her best on this special day. Apart from her clothes and jewelry, her look is also very important. This is what the bridal make up takes care of. Bridal makeup is an essential part of the wedding planning process and designing the perfect look for your wedding day is our number one priority.

Hair Styles

When you step over a certain age, you wonder what upgrades to make to your image so that you could look decent, respectable, fairly youthful, and not outdated. Women who are aging gracefully and try to look modern always admire everyone around. Your hairstyle is a key concept of your image, so you should review your options carefully to pick those styles which will present you in the best light.

There are at least a couple of simple hairstyles, suitable for your hair texture and length you can do in the our salon and feel like “well, I do look good today!” Here you’ll find many interesting casual and formal hairstyles you want to try.

Basic and Advance Parlor Courses

  • Basic and Advance Beauty Courses
  • Only Basic Parlor Course
  • Personal Parlor Course
  • Spa and Peeling Course
  • Basic & Advance Make-up Course
  • Only Basic & Advance Hair cut Courses
  • Hair Style Course
  • Hair Section Course
  • Baldness Treatment



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