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Welcome To Om Fitness Club


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Welcome to Om Fitness Club

Om Fitness Club is a professional fitness training center. We have certified trainers and ladies trainer. We train kids also.

We provide a free diet plan and workout plans. We offers Weight training, Cardio training, Crossfit training, Abdominal workout, Muscle gain workout, Fat loose workouts, Weight loss programs.

We offers 100% fast weight loss & body tone in 2 month's for ladies. We have Weekly 4 days batch for Dance Class i.e. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.

We offers professional training programs and different dance styles like Hiphop, Old school / new school hiphop, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Bollywood, Bollyhop, Indian folk dances, Urban etc. We also offers musicality knowledge, personality devlopment, groving, theory knowledge and certified courses.


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Basic Floor Gymnastics Skills

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Acro Skills

Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Round-Off, Front Walkover, Back Walkover, Handstand Forward Roll, Back Extension Roll, Front Handspring, Back Handspring, Aerial Cartwheel, Front Tuck, Back Tuck, Back Pike, Back Layout, Whip Back, Front Pike, Front Layout, Back Layout 1/2, Back Layout 1/1


Half Turn On One Foot, Full Turn On One Foot, Full Turn With Free Leg, Full Turn Illusion Turn, Full Turn With Free Leg At a 1800 Split Position, Double Turn (7200 Turn)


Straight Jump, Tuck Jump, Straddle Jump, Split Jump, Pike Jump, Wolf Jump, Straight Jump 1/1 Turn, Tuck Jump 1/1 Turn, Wolf Jump 1/2 Turn, Straddle Jump 1/2 Turn, Split Jump 1/2 Turn.


Cat Leap, Hitch Kick, Sissone, Tour Jete, Split Leap, Side Leap, Switch Leg Leap, Ring Leap.

Inline Skating Basic Skills

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Basic 1

  • Forward One Foot Glide
  • Forward Two Foot Swizzles
  • Forward Stop
  • Backward Wiggles

Basic 2

  • Forward Two Foot Glide
  • Forward Alternating 1/2 Swizzle In a Straight Line
  • Two Foot Turn in Place Forward To Backward
  • Backward Two Foot Swizzles

Basic 3

  • Forward Stroking
  • Forward 1/2 Swizzle
  • Moving Forward To Backward Two Foot Turn
  • Backward One Foot Glide
  • Two Foot Spin

Basic 4

  • Forward Outside Three Turn - R&L From a Standstill
  • Forward Outside Edge On a Circle
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Backward Stroking

Basic 5

  • Backward Outside Edge On a Circle
  • Backward Crossovers - Both Directions
  • One Foot Spin - Minimum Of Three Revolutions
  • T Stop
  • Side Toe Hop

Basic 6

  • Forward Inside Three Turn - R&L From a Standstill
  • Bunny Hop
  • Forward Spiral On a Straight Line - R & L
  • Lunge - R & L
  • T-Stop - R & L

Basic 7

  • Forward Inside Open Mohawk - R to L and L to R
  • Ballet Jump - Either Direction
  • Back Crossovers To a Back Outside Edge Landing Position
  • Forward Inside Pivot

Basic 8

  • Moving Forward Outside or Forward Inside Three Turns R & L
  • Waltz Jump
  • Mazurka - Either Direction
  • Combination Move - Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Two Forward Crossovers Into FI Mohawk, Step Behind, Strp Into One Back Crossover And Step To a Forward Inside Edge
  • Beginning One Foot Upright Spin - Optional Free Foot Position


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